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My clients particularly appreciate my

Inner clarity; Trustworthiness; Sensitivity; Warmth; Calm and balance; Mindfulness; Empathy; Patience; Sensitivity; Empathy; Openness; Kindness; Intuition; Ability to listen closely; Solution-oriented; Humor.

Seeing with the Heart

I was born in Denmark and have lived on 2 continents in 6 countries. I grew up with foreign languages. My mother tongue is Danish and I’m fluent in German and English. I also speak basic French and Mandarin. After graduating from high school, I went – fascinated by painting and design – to Paris where I studied Fine Arts for a year and then successfully completed a three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communications Design. This was followed by working as a designer and art director in Paris, Vietnam and Berlin. Further years followed as an entrepreneur in the field of design, coaching and consulting in Stuttgart, Beijing, Geneva, and finally as a therapist in Zug and Lucerne. Travelling and working in different countries and different cultures have greatly enriched my life.

The three and a half years in Beijing and traveling through Asia brought me into contact with Buddhism. Spirituality started to take up a large part of my life. This aroused the desire in me to learn more about life. Life as a passion and the fascination about people shaped me already very early in life. In order to understand life better, I observed and examined myself and others deeply. As a result, I studied in many different fields to understand the human better. I trained in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fields. I worked through my own blockages, fears, phobias, traumas and freeing karma over several years. I understand that as a therapist you have the obligation to work on yourself continuously to truly be able to support your clients. Through ongoing sessions of reincarnation and regression therapy, wingwave® EMDR session, and many other therapies over the years I have learned how complex and unique we are.

By continually working on myself, it enables me to authentically assist my clients today in navigating and transforming their lives on their own. Through spiritual psychology everything became united and has led me to a more holistic life. The freedom I am gaining affirms that I will continue to walk this path and let my life be shaped and enriched.

I am grateful for my two sons (18 and 22). I find my strength in silence, meditation, spirituality, music, exercise and nature. I use every day as a chance to live consciously, to practice mindfulness, to walk my soul path and to become free.


  • Dipl. Psychological Mental Stress Coach (CIS, ECA, ICI)
    Coaching Institute Living Sense, Switzerland
  • Certified Social Competence (Soft Skills) Trainer (For individuals or in groups)
    Training with Dipl. Psych. Merkle, Germany
  • Spiritual psychology
    Praxis für spirituelle Psychologie, Schweiz:
    – Spiritual psychology
    – Regression – reincarnation therapy – karma
    – Family therapy and systemic constellation work
    – Working with the inner team: ego, inner child, inner mother and father, body intelligence, the soul
    – Cranio-sacral therapy
    – Meridian massage – energy work
    – Painting therapy
  • Certified Practitioner Child & and Youth Coach
    IPE Ausbildung, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaching / Trainer (Masterclass) – CE credits
    Positive Psychology, Maastricht, Holland
  • Certified Counseling for Highly Sensitive and Highly Sensitive People (HSP)
    IFHS, Institute for High Sensitivity, Brigitte Kuester – Switzerland
  • Certified and Licensed NLP Master Business and Practitioner
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut, Switzerland
  • Certified Neuro-Systemic Constellation Coach and Consultant
    Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut, Switzerland
  • Certified Systemic (Agile) Coach, Mentor and Consultant
    Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut, Switzerland
  • Certified wingwave® Coach
    Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut, Switzerland
  • Trainer Assistance wingwave® Coach Training
    Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut – Schweiz
  • NLP for wingwave®
    Dr. Ohnesorgen Institut – Schweiz
  • wingwave® Online Coach
    Besser-Siegmund-Institut – online, Germany
  • Certified hypnotherapist
    Omni Hypnosis Training Center International, Switzerland
  • Certified Integral Coach (CIS, ECA, ICI)
    Coaching Institute Living Sense, Switzerland
  • Therapy in child psychology
    Dr Karen E Wells – Accredited by CTAA – Accredited Complementary Therapists
  • Certified QC Quantum-Clearing “Master-Practitioner”
    Quantenheilung – Volker Knehr, Germany
  • Certified Master Modul Self Awareness
    Coaching Institute Living Sense, Switzerland
  • Certified 3 Master Module Soul healing
    Academy for Integral Consciousness – Soul Sense, Switzerland
  • Transparent communication / meditation techniques / healing work
    Academy of Inner ScienceTransparent communication Thomas Hübl ®, Germany, Switzerland
  • Higher consciousness 
    Stephen Busby – Embodying Higher Consciousness
  • Certified Kolibri Coach (CIS, ECA, ICI)
    Academy for Integral Consciousness – Soul Sense, Switzerland
  • Certified Life-Coach
  • Certified Ancient Art of Hands on Healing
    African Healing Initiation for the Ancient Art of Healing on Divine Healing Energy, India
  • Certified: Prana Vidya Level I, II, III
    The Inner Sciences India Trust. Mahabalipuram, India
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design & Visual Communication
    Parsons School of Design, Paris, Frankreich, 1993 – 1996

Work experience

  • TODAY – Susanne ChristensenCoaching, Mentoring and Counseling
    Therapy, coaching and counseling, spiritual psychology, 2017 – until today Zug / Lucerne, Switzerland
  • TODAY – Child-oriented counseling and mediation
    Dipl. Coach / systemic solution-oriented consultant 2023 / Rupperswil, Switzerland
  • TODAY – Trainer for social competence in groups (Soft Skills) at chur@work
    chur@work 2022-2023 in Chur
  • Founder of Greenmint
    Consulting, coaching, conceptualizing and communication design for individuals, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs Stuttgart, Germany, Switzerland, 2004 – 2020
  • Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Co-founder of CircularSociety AG
    CircularSociety AG Zug, Switzerland, 2013 – 2020
  • Co-founder of Chi-Thea AG
    Chi-Thea AG, Zug, 2006 – 2008
  • Art Director BWO
    BWO – Marketing Service GmbH, Berlin, 1998 – 2003
  • Product Designer at Tropic Dane
    Tropic Dane, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, 1997
  • Packaging Designer at Desdoigt er Assocés
    Desdoigts et Associés – Paris 1996 – 1997
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