Coaching for Children and Young Adults

Strengthen your child in difficult life situations

Did you know that every third child and young adult suffers from stress? Fear, blockages and pressure to perform, but also the need for social recognition can be triggering factors. If we recognize early on what triggers the stress, we can support the children powerfully so that they learn to help themselves in the early years. As a result, suffering can be prevented, valuable new soft skills can be learned and more joy in learning can arise.

I support children and young adult to develop their potential and to enjoy learning more without stress. Together we explore where the problem is and we start releasing blockages such fear of exams, fear of failure and other fears. We also look at methods how young people can learn to deal with their emotions and feelings themselves.

Here is a selection of possible indications that speak for taking action and starting with coaching sessions:

Your child / young adult:

  • is often dissatisfied or irritable.
  • is very afraid of every exam or lecture.
  • shows insufficient school performance, although it is actually a “bright little brain”.
  • suffers from listlessness or is unmotivated.
  • throws tantrums for no apparent reason.
  • has concentration problems and has trouble remembering things.
  • has low self-esteem.
  • shows disrespectful, rebellious and rude behavior.


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I can guide you through your change process,
the will to change is your responsibility.

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