Family Constellations & Organisational Systemic Constellation Therapy

Family Constellations & Organisational Systemic Constellations in individual sessions

The Systemic Constellations Therapy gives you valuable impulses, clarity about your concerns and concrete solutions for further action.

Whether in the family of origin, the clan or in business – there are many systems in our lives. With the systemic constellation work you get a tangible representation of your topic. The possibilities are with this kind of Therapy is unlimited.

Family constellations Therapy

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. Topics for family constellation therapy could be, quarrels, blame, shame, trauma, strokes of fate, illnesses, death of a family member, separations and many more. Goals could be to gain more order, joy and lightness in your life.

Organisational Systemic Constellations Therapy

In your professional world, organisational systemic constellations therapy can offer support on topics such as unfair treatment, loss of motivation, conflicts, crossing boundaries, intrigues, bullying, disputes, money issues, panic attacks, fears, risk of burnout, difficulties integrating yourself, professional reorientation, clarity about your work situation.

Another positive effect of regular systemic constellations therapy is that you train your emotional intelligence and also experience an improvement in your perception and sensitivity.

I learned and studied systemic constellations therapy by the teachings of Silvia Stäubli which she learned from Thea Schönfelder. Ms. Stäubli has applied and continuously refined this work for over thirty years. My theoretical and practical training with her lasted four years. It is a mixture of various therapies such as family therapy, behavioral therapy, reincarnation therapy, emotion-focused therapy, movement therapy, systemic structural constellation, family constellation, organizational constellation and spiritual psychology.


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