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Personal development / Intensive work in individual sessions

Intensive work consists of 4 individual sessions spread over 4 consecutive days. Alternatively, you can divide the sessions into just two days, but this leaves less time to digest and process between sessions!

For whom does intensive work make sense? 

The intensive work makes sense for people who are willing and open to work on themselves, to look at their issues in depth and bring them to consciousness to then transform them. This can have a liberating effect, bring energy and provide clarity. Each person experiences intensive work differently. The effect is related to where this person is standing in life and what is allowed to be processed.


In a preliminary discussion, we discuss what the focus should be in the 4 days. We can look at several topics: topics from childhood, fears, recurring conflicts or blockages, diseases, any kind of stress, guilt, etc. Often the different topics are related. We work with the inner persons, the inner child, the ego, the inner mother, the inner father, the body intelligence and the soul. We also work with karma and the subtle body. An important part of this work is the clearing of harmful/negative energies. This is very liberating.

I will work with a mix of methods – individually adapted to your needs.

If desired, a meridian massage or craniosacral session can bring additional peace and balance after the sessions. If required, please make an additional appointment beforehand.


The prerequisite for reincarnation therapy is that we have worked together at least once beforehand.


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