Couple Counseling & Relationship Conflict

Solution-oriented support for interpersonal relationships, such as partnership, family, superiors and for cooperative relationships in the working world.

The first interpersonal relationship develops already between an unborn child in the womb of the mother. A life without interpersonal relationships is unthinkable for us humans and also not healthy. But what is the purpose of our social relationships? They are the basic requirement for living happily and fully, which is also the greatest desire of most people. Unfortunately, not all interpersonal relationships are harmonious, but create negative feelings and emotions such as. E.g.: Annoyance / anger / rage / sadness / guilt / depression / burnout / anxiety / panic / inner turmoil / imbalance / disgust / loneliness / helplessness / inferiority / being overwhelmed at home or at work / anger / frustration / lethargy / melancholy disappointments.

For more than 2 decades I have been supporting people in interpersonal relationships. Personal experiences as a daughter, a wife and mother, as an employee and later as an entrepreneur and as a partner I have lived through many interesting and also difficult interpersonal relationships first hand. Because of the frequent international placements, I was constantly confronted with people from different backgrounds and learned how to adapt. Friends, families, acquaintances and customers on 2 continents and in 6 countries was a constant challenge which, next to my studies in this area, made me rich in interpersonal relationships and experiences.

Do you recognize any of these situations?
I can support you if you find yourself in any of these following examples.

Interpersonal relationships – marriage or partnership

  • Conflicts in the relationship
  • Jealousy or fear of loss
  • We are drifting apart – what can I do?
  • Lack of appreciation or love
  • Desire for non-violent communication
  • Parting respectfully
  • Separation – feeling overcome, can’t let go, coping with being and feeling alone.
  • Addiction in the partnership (alcohol or drug abuse)
  • Mental problems
  • Blame and devaluations / power games
  • Abuse – emotional, sexual, social, financial
  • Dependence on partner
  • Boredom or equanimity
  • Loss of trust and distrust
  • Sexuality issues

Couples counseling and individual sessions

Interpersonal relationships – parent – child – relatives relationship

  • Daily stressful family life – parents or children are constantly under pressure
  • Daily finger pointing between family members
  • Parents or children do not understand their emotional world
  • Quarrels and conflicts between family members
  • Your child no longer talks to you
  • Strained relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law/son-in-law
  • Too much interference by the in-laws in the upbringing of the grandchildren
  • When you feel that you or your partner is “sitting between the chairs of your partner and family”.
  • Cultural differences – when two worlds meet

You can come to the session alone or with family members

Interpersonal relationships at work

  • Communication difficulties
  • Not being able to make themselves heard / not being taken seriously
  • Conflicts of authority
  • Intrigues / bullying in the workplace
  • Devaluations and power struggles
  • Panic attacks, fears, risk of burnout
  • Difficulty integrating
  • Tensions with colleagues or superiors
  • Conflicts / border crossings / disputes
  • Envy and competitiveness
  • Increased time pressure
  • Excessive working hours
  • Too high expectations
  • Underpayment
  • Fear of becoming jobless
  • Unfair treatment
  • Lack of appreciation
  • Loss of motivation
  • Sexual harassment

I’m happy to support you

By analyzing our relationships, we get the opportunity to recognize ourselves better. In this way we can solve disturbing patterns and learn to stand up for our needs.

I pick you up where you are in your life and accompany you step-by-step through your interpersonal conflicts. I will show you how you can transform them to achieve sustainable results.

Recognize yourself in your relationships and feel relieved and free


German, English, Danish

Compensation / Conditions

60 min: 150 CHF
90 min: 180 CHF

This price includes preprocessing and postprocessing and is not recognized by health insurance companies.

Cancellations due to illness or other must be announced by email, Whatsapp or phone at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. Missed appointments will be charged.

I can guide you through your change process,
the will to change is your responsibility.

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