Therapeutic painting

Whole day of therapeutic intuitive painting- from 2 to maximum of 4 people, including high-quality Lascaux colors / material (canvas etc.) and your self-created finished picture.

Appointments for whole day therapeutic painting or sessions on request for

  • individual sessions
  • for families
  • for the company / teams
  • Painting during the week

The workshop can achieve the following

  • Letting go of negative emotions
  • Reduction of fears and aggression
  • Reduction of stress
  • Training your intuition
  • Recognition of your own resources
  • Development of joy
  • Promotion of creativity
  • Strengthening of self-worth
  • Healing
  • Inner clarity

We live in a time of logical thinking and hectic pace. The mind is in the foreground and the calm, joy and love are pushed more and more into the background. Emotions like sadness, anger or exhaustion are suppressed and many people live under the illusion that this is real life. The truth is, these conditions diminishes our life. Through our creativity we bring back the joy of life and intuition, which are just as important as our intellect. Perceiving your own emotions and putting your mind aside makes room for ease and joy.

I look forward to spending colorful and creative hours with you.

Languages: German, English, Danish

Conditions of participation: None, just be open


Our atelier awaits you with everything set up for you, canvas, paint and everything you need to get colorful.

I will guide you carefully, accompanied by music throughout the day. Painting in a therapeutic setting is comparable to a journey into our subconscious. This is an opportunity to free our blocking, negative or suppressed emotions. We paint intuitively and meditatively entering the depth of our inner world. We have the opportunity to meet our own creativity. Colors can influence the state of health of a person, create feelings, change moods and have a healing effect. They can calm, balance, strengthen and bring joy. The gentle vibrations of the colors affect the body, mind and soul. Our experiences are saved as pictures. When painting, we call up experiences and transfer them to the canvas. A process of change is initiated, and you can come into harmony with your environment or your situation. When painting and discussing the pictures, the unconscious becomes recognizable and can be positively transformed and integrated into life. This is how a self-healing process takes place. After some time of painting, the participant realizes more and more that the situation painted reflects his/her life. It is fascinating what wonderful paintings are created. The focus is on joy and playfulness, and participants who have never painted or who have the feeling that they cannot paint are usually surprised of what they are able to create.

You take your self-created “painting of the soul” home with you.

Some paintings of participants

  • Malworkshop
  • Malworkshop
  • Malworkshop
  • Malworkshop
  • Malworkshop
  • Malworkshop
  • Malen

Please contact me for prices and offers for therapeutic intuitive painting for families and companies.

Feedback from participants

  • I would like to thank you again very much for the great day. Time passed so quickly and painting in the workshop aroused some emotions and feelings in me that I haven’t felt for a long time. Since I had no previous knowledge, I got involved with what came up and was very surprised by my end result. I have to say it’s beautiful and I love it! Thank you, see you next time. GH
  • Again, I sit in front of my picture, look at it, marvel and feel. Thank you very much for the nice day. You designed the workshop so wonderfully and accompanied us through our own processes with a lot of compassion. I was sad, childlike, filled with joy and amazed at how easy it was for me to suddenly bring color onto canvas. It was a wonderful, liberating experience that I recommend to everyone and would be happy to experience it again with you at any time. Thank you very much! CN
  • In advance, I thought about how intuitive painting could be. What if I can’t paint from my intuitively or what if the painting is awful at the end? What if I can’t turn my mind off? I then chose to leave these thoughts as they are and openly accept what comes my way in the workshop. It worked and was a wonderful experience, which each participant was allowed to have in their own way, but did not reveal any details about it. I felt cared all through the day and very comfortable. By gradually approaching it, I actually managed to switch off my mind and paint from my stomach. It was a great carefree process full of joy, which led to an unforgettable and wonderful experience and from which my very personal, first intuitive painting emerged. I gave the painting a special place in my apartment. I often look at it with joy and am very grateful for this wonderful day and the great experience. I can highly recommend this workshop to everyone, I will definitely take part again and I am already looking forward to another wonderful, spontaneous and joyful day. Thank you Susanne for this wonderful experience! MR

Compensation / conditions

Whole day of therapeutic, intuitive painting: From 2 to a maximum of 4 people, including high-quality Lascaux paints / material and your self-created finished picture: CHF 210 .- / person

Cancellations due to illness or other must be announced by email, Whatsapp or phone at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. Missed appointments will be charged.

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