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To improve and support my quality of life, I use Forever® products. It is important take good care of oneself whilst keeping up in this fast-moving world, that is increasingly contaminated with pollutants. But the question is how? I work with my clients on all levels and that’s why it’s important to me to support the physical inside and outside. There are an infinite number of products on the market and it is a difficult endeavor to find really good and trustworthy products. I can recommend Forever® because they use very pure ingredients. Being very sensitive, I do not tolerate many products, but I have only had positive experiences with these products and I can therefore recommend them wholeheartedly. There are many other products on the website of Forever® that you are welcome to test yourself.

Forever® products have been awarded the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) seal of approval for optimal quality. Of over 300 types of aloe vera, only two can be used for beauty and wellness. The most important is the “Barbadensis Miller”. It has more than 270 scientifically known, vital substances. The products come from plantations in the Dominican Republic and Mexico and are free from pesticides. In addition, they are not pasteurized, freeze-dried or treated with heat. They are completely free from animal testing.

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