Reincarnation therapy

Reincarnation therapy

The reincarnation therapy or (age)regression therapy gives us the opportunity to work on our current problems, trauma, entanglement or blockages that have been caused earlier in this life or by previous incarnations. It is a method of alternative medicine which is efficient and solution-oriented.

What is (age)regression therapy?

In (age)regression therapy, you go back in time in this life. You might learn about things that happened to you when you were very young. You may uncover memories that surprise you because you were not aware of them. The goal is not just to re-experience the memory, but also to bring it to your conscious mind where you can deal with it and transform it. Regression theory assumes that, by processing these memories and the emotions surrounding them, you free yourself to feel different about similar experiences now.

What is reincarnation?

Explained in a simple manner: Every living being has a soul which is immortal. After death, one steps out of the body and seeks a new body to be reborn. Reincarnation means Re = again. Carnus = meat. Incarnation = accept. So reincarnation means that something accepts flesh again. Flesh stands for the physical body. The soul is a subtle energy that at the beginning of our life stimulates our body and then at the end leaves our body again. Even in rational science, we know that energy cannot be lost. It merely takes a different form. Reincarnation therapy assumes that reincarnation and further development of a soul exists over a variety of earthly lifetimes. The soul can therefore make countless new experiences and development steps in the respective lives and has the opportunity and the choice to grow, but it can also create karma.

What is Karma?

Karma comes from Sanskrit and describes action as the law of cause and effect.

The law of karma says:

  • We have created what happens to us
  • We are responsible for what happens to us in the future
  • Experience and events are not to be seen as a reward or punishment, but as an opportunity to grow.

My teacher describes karma as follows:

“Karma are energies that have not yet been understood, recognized and released. Whatever we do, however we act or think – everything is stored in our energy fields, cells, etc. Whether we believe in past lives or not doesn’t matter. In today’s life, too, we have a past in which we did not always act in an absolutely ethical manner and act in love, let alone think.”

How I work with you in this therapy

Reincarnation therapy is not about satisfying your curiosity about who you used to be. It’s about clearing up energies that burden you in this and the next life. This is about deeds that have been done in past lives such as for example living in a victim existence, to be a perpetrator, to free curses, oaths, entanglements, guilt and much more. It’s about solving blockages, moments that trigger you, unresolved issues and becoming free.

Through a gentle deep meditation, which you can follow without prior meditation experience, you will enter a pleasant, calm state and thereby get in contact with your subconscious. Everything that you and your clan have ever experienced is stored in your subconscious. Part of you remains rooted in the “here and now” and another part goes on a journey into your subconscious. I accompany you all the way and work with your higher self / your soul, which guides you. Working in a non-manipulative way, you are free to make your own decision.

The prerequisite for reincarnation therapy is that we have worked together at least once beforehand.


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