Solution-oriented therapy

We are often not aware
of who we really are

We live according to the ideas of others without questioning whether it is good for us. We feel stressed, without motivation, helpless or frustrated. Dissatisfaction, repeating incidents and possibly illness are manifesting.

If this applies to your life situation, I would be happy to support you in disentangling these themes, looking inside, discovering yourself and living authentically. To find your own truth is a beautiful experience. It is your choice to make the first step for your desired change and to invite freedom, lightness and joy to your life.

Therapy for individuals, couples, families, teenagers and children

Therapy options:
Anxiety; Depression; Blockages; Stress; Self-Esteem; Exhaustion; Abuse; Negative emotional stress (e.g. anger, hatred, sadness, disappointment, envy); Relationship problems; Grief; Addiction; Compulsion; Freeing karma; Personal development

Spiritual psychology

Spirituality helps us to understand life. The origin of this word comes from the latin word ‘spiritus’ which means breath, soul, life, meaning and spirit.

To me Spirituality simply means life and to get in touch with a deeper dimension of being. Contradictory to Psychology with its 12 Archetypes (C.G. Jung) we work with the inner aspects/inner persons and countless archetypes. We look at the soul, body and mind and bring them back into harmony.

Self-confidence, well-being, liberation, clarity, relaxation, joy, trust, effortlessness, inner peace, centeredness, inner stillness, serenity, awareness, strength, self-healing, self-realization

and more can be promoted with spiritual psychology.

Sessions are also available online / over the phone / in person in 6026 Rain LU

«When we recognize our core, new ways to freedom open up»

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