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spiritual psychology.

„When we recognize our core, new ways to freedom open up“

My approach

I work with you on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, assisting you in achieving valuable and sustainable results for your personal or professional life. I utilize a blend of methods tailored specifically to each client. Often, all that’s needed is the right confidante to uncover and articulate answers to pressing questions within oneself. Engaging in careful introspection and acknowledging your personal values can greatly enhance your quality of life, bringing a significant sense of relief and happiness.

Couple Counseling & Relationship Conflict

Navigating Relationship Struggles and Rediscovering Harmony: Transform tense conflicts into opportunities for growth, as you embark on a journey toward a more relaxed and harmonious partnership.

Family Constellations & Organisational Systemic Constellation

Whether you’re dealing with challenges within your family, workplace, or even within yourself, gaining clarity and pinpointing the underlying issues will empower you to reinstate balance within the system.

Child and Youth Coaching

Discontent, lack of motivation, exam anxiety, uncertainty, rebellion, or conflicts? Empower and guide your child effectively, leading them towards mental and emotional stability.

Personal Development

Embrace personal development to boost self-confidence, overcome doubts, and achieve goals more effectively. Through self-reflection and analyzing behaviors, identify weaknesses and actively work on them for personal growth. Experience this transformation through focused individual sessions.

Navigating Stress and Healing Trauma

You’re suffering from deep fears or negatively ingrained emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, discontent, resignation, resentment, guilt, negative beliefs, stress, overwhelm, jealousy, pain, doubt, despair, inner unrest, or lack of motivation. Through the practice of gentle stress-relief and transformative techniques, you not only discover calmness but also embark on a journey of inner healing, restoring your balance and reclaiming tranquility.

Regression – Reincarnation Therapy

You suffer from recurring themes, issues, traumas, entanglements, or blockages, and can’t find their root cause? It’s possible that these have been caused by past incarnations or experiences from your childhood. We journey back to resolve and transform your issue at its core, addressing it at its root.

Sessions are also possible online via Zoom

Some examples of Potential Coaching & Therapy Topics:
Dealing with negative emotional weight; Managing anxiety; Coping with stress; Addressing depression; Overcoming mental blocks; Managing overwhelm; Battling exhaustion; Improving sleep patterns; Enhancing focus and concentration; Resolving relationship challenges; Healing from abuse; Managing compulsive behaviors; Boosting self-esteem; Facilitating personal growth; Navigating through grief; Overcoming addiction; Working on releasing karmic influences.

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